CP/M Box 1.8.0 ǨAmstrad PCW Emulator FAQs:
- General stuff -
Q1) Where can I get games and applications?A1) Not here. And I can't tell you where, due to CopyRight reasons.
Q2) What's that 'A`' thing? I don't know anything of CP/M.A2) There are webs dedicated to it. Use Google to find them.
Q3) Will you port the emulator to Linux? Do you need help programming it?A3) Not at this moment.
Q4) When does the next version come out?A4) I don't know.
Q5) Will be possible to emulate a PcW16?A5) If I get one for testing, of course.
Q6) Do you accept donations?A6) Sure. I accept any PCW material.
- Common mistakes -
Q7) I have selected a second disk drive, and it doesn't work.A7) It must be a DD one or you should use B180.FIB.
Q8) The A side of "The Last Ninja" hangs.A8) It's for 512KB computers.
Q9) Some things like "Troglo" or "ToolKit" don't work. A9) You'll need at least a 1.4 CP/M version.
Q10) Drivers don't load. A10) You'll need at least a 1.7H CP/M version.
Q11) Fairlight 1/2 character moves by itself. A11) It's incompatible with AMX mouse, Electric Studio mouse and Electric Studio lightpen.
Q12) The "A" button is grayed. A12) It needs a file called CPM.dsk in the emulator folder.
Q13) I have overwritten the emulator and it does weird stuff. A13) Please, delete de old PCW.ESN file, or upzip in an empty folder.
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